Apartment Owners Manual

Do-It Yourself Reference Guide, Rules, and Forms for Landlords and Property Managers

Apartment Owners ManualThis manual is a clear, concise resource of practical advice and information. Improve your landlording skills and manage property like a pro. Whether you’re full time landlord or just getting ready to purchase your rental property, this Manual will help you improve your landlording skills from attracting good tenants to maintaining your property to understanding your rights and obligations under the law.

  • Connecticut Apartment Lease
  • Apartment Move-In Inspection Report
  • New Resident Move in Checklist
  • Employment Verification form
  • Landlord Verification form
  • CT/Security Deposits rates
  • Notice of Security Deposit Transfer
  • Notice of Intent to Enter Dwelling Unit
  • Abandonment letter
  • Tenant Lead Paint disclosure forms and booklet
  • Housing Court Forms Fair Housing Laws
  • Housing Discrimination Laws Affect Every Aspect of your business
  • What Protections are provided to people with disabilities in the sale or rental of covered dwelling
  • Who is covered by CT Discriminatory Housing practices Act
  • What type of housing is covered
  • What is reasonable modification
  • Online Apartment Listing services
  • Getting your apartment ready for showing
  • Getting a Credit Report
  • Renters’ Insurance
  • Pet Deposit
  • Guide lines on preparing leases and Rental Agreement
  • Check Those References
  • Remembering the basics (Forgetting the fundamentals, cost landlord thousands of dollars each year)
  • Policy Statement-Grounds for Rejection
  • Rejection letter
  • Criminal charges for which tenants may be liable for damages caused to landlords’ property
  • IRS Rules on Lost Records
  • Form: Notice of Termination
  • Tenant Apartment Insurance
  • Form: Abandonment Letter
  • State of CT Appeal Process for Lead Paint
  • Form: State of CT Evictions

Instructions contain in this manual are for your benefit and protections, so follow them closely. Correspondence forms may be reproduced on your own.

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What People Are Saying

I love this manual. This is certainly the one stop shopping that I have been looking for. Thank You. Gary S. – Danbury, CT

I am going through and implementing your lease and inspection reports. If only I had these when I first started investing. Money in my pocket. Bob K. – West Hartford, CT

I purchased the CT Apartment Owner’s manual last year after owning 20+ units. This is by far the best apartment lease and forms that I have ever found. The entire manual has been very helpful. Thank You. Robert C. – Middletown, CT

This entire manual has saved me more than just a few dollars and 100’s of hours in running by apartments like a business. For this, I Thank You. Patrick C. K. – Bridgeport, CT